About Brooklyn Bedding

Brooklyn Bedding is a company that is highly committed to making better bedding by using affordable pricing, complete transparency as well as top class customer service. Brooklyn Bedding are also customers, so they are able to understand the pitfalls that happen in many businesses and are constantly working each day to improve the company, products, as well as customer relationships. Whenever you purchase something from Brooklyn Bedding, you are going to know for sure that they will be with you every single step of the way just to make sure that you are going to get the best sleep ever on your new mattress.


In 1995, Brooklyn Bedding was founded in Phoenix, Arizona. It all started when Rob Merwin managed to find a great opportunity to sell mattresses that have minor blemishes and defects. He then decided to open a mattress liquidation store called R & S Mattress, and sold a lot of brand name mattresses that were up to 75% off. It was during this time that he noticed that he excessive materials in his inventory and decided to begin making his own mattresses.

Then his brother, John Merwin joined his crew and really encouraged Rob to focus more on making the brand. Because it was John’s idea to take a step further, they decided to name the company after one of John’s daughters. They decided to go with Brooklyn. His other daughter Kayli was not too happy with that choice, so they decided to name the mattresses after Kayli and her friends and that deal has stuck around.



John Merwin’s wife had made the suggestion to the brothers that they begin or even try selling their mattresses online. John was quite hesitant about it. The same question kept coming up, who will purchase a mattress without ever trying it? His wife convinced him. The brothers then took the leap and began to sell their mattresses on Amazon. The idea went wild and John began to pour more funds into the online side of the business.

They decided in 2008 to roll pack their mattresses. They purchased a roll packing machine and began to ship their mattresses for free through FedEx in a much smaller box. This was the huge turning point for their internet operations and it actually made the shipping much more affordable and faster. Now, Brooklyn Bedding ships over 1000 mattresses in a single day.

Selling direct

Then the brothers decided that it was time to open a Brooklyn Bedding website and begin to sell directly. They were able to offer great deals simply by avoiding a lot of the outrageous costs that came with merchant sites. The site started with 12 mattresses that ranged between latex, foam and memory foam. The idea was great, but they needed to simplify it.

Brooklyn Bedding then bought a 145,000 square foot building and redesigned the online business model to be based around a single mattress. The brothers noticed that there were only a few companies that a one mattress fits all idea, but they took it to the next level and built a mattress that works for everyone and not just the average person.  If you do decide to buy check to see if there’s any valid Brooklyn bedding coupons.