About Purple Mattress Company

Terry and Tony Pearce in 1989 were fly fishing in the Rockies and talking about how they could partner together to change the world. Tony had 13 years of experience in aerospace materials and Terry has 20 years of manufacturing, design and project management which cause a partnership to create a high tech carbon fiber wheelchairs and sporting goods.

It’s all about the cushioning

Then in 1993, the people who were testing the wheelchairs stated that the real need was better cushioning for wheelchairs as pressure sores were a really bad part of those who use wheelchairs. The Pearce brothers took on the challenge and created Floam, which was the worlds lightest weight cushioning fluid. Soon Floam would end up with 5 patents and was being used not only by those in wheelchairs but by major companies and medical facilities in special units such as Hill-Rom for critical care medical beds, Neonatal intensive care nests, knee and ankle braces from Johnson & Johnson, and even companies such as Nike for their footwear.

The brothers were going to be known for the worlds most advanced cushioning products and they began to create a technology that would really revolutionize cushioning for a much lower cost than their Floam. So, Purple began to evolve through product developments and discoveries and the first breakthrough was with the Hyper elastic polymer.

This material was super soft and really strong and would be able to stretch 15 times its resting size. It was very durable and never really took a body impression. The main discovery was when the polymer was molded into a shape that would relax the pressure points and redistribute the pressure to other various areas. This is the same feature that would give amazing back support in the Purple mattress.

How it became a mattress

Time went on and the Pearce brothers would combine their knowledge of cushioning and create the world’s best mattress. Using the Hyper elastic polymer had never been able to be molded into a piece such as a king sized mattress. Even with only parts being covered in the polymer, the mattresses that were made in Europe and Australia were just way too expensive to be able to help millions get comfortable. The whole surface would need to be this polymer and it would need to be produced at a high rate with low labor.

They managed to use a patent pending machine that they called the Mattress max. This machine took 2 years and millions of dollars to create and now the Mattress max is used to create the polymer within the US to be big enough to cover a king mattress and the production rates and costs enable Purple to sell them affordably. This helps millions of people change their lives and the Purple mattress is better than a $4000 mattress and it only costs a fraction of that.  You can get an even better deal by using a Purple Mattress discount code.

The Pearce Brothers have created a Purple mattress, and it treats everyone like royalty. They have spent most of their careers advancing the cushioning of the world. They have managed to put everything into a great mattress and managed to offer it at an affordable price.