About the Casper Mattress company

The Casper mattress company has become one of the biggest sensations in the mattress industry recently. The reason for this is because I, along with many others who have bought a mattress knows that it really sucks!

When having to buy a mattress, it’s common to run into salesmen who talk to fast, or having so many options that things get confusing, and then there are the high prices. The issue is, no one wants to sleep on the ground, and that is where the Casper Mattress company comes in.

What do people want in a mattress?

They have done their research and learned what people are wanting, but also what they need. They focused on what people said during their process, and had volunteers test their prototypes prior to going to market. The Casper Company made it their mission to make something people love, and if not they kept working on it.


Knowing what people wanted was just the first step, the next step of their process was how it looked, and felt. They based the materials around understanding how people sleep and use their beds. The Casper Company understands the materials can affect a person’s sleep.

How to buy?

Another great thing about buying from The Casper Company is that they are an online only business, without any physical stores. The reason this is so great, no extra costs are added to the sale price because there are no sales people to pay, and no utilities on a building. This means they are able to provide you lower prices due to having lower costs than the other guys.

Customer service

Customer relations is another step of their process, where they ensure that consumers love their product every time. With not being able to test before you buy, they provide a 100-night risk-free money back guarantee so you have plenty of time to test it and see how it makes a difference in your life. This shows just how much The Casper Company truly cares about the comfort of their customers.


Then, when the bed actually arrives, you will find that it’s packed neatly in a rather small box that is easier to move through doors. No more having to squeeze through doorways or down the hall. They even studied how customers would receive their new mattress and made it easy as moving into the room you want, opening the box and watching it unfold into your brand new mattress.

The verdict

Overall, The Casper Company has gone the extra mile to ensure that their customers are not only happy with their purchase, but made it easy to shop, buy, receive and set up. On top of that, it promotes a great nights rest which provides added health benefits as well.

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