About the Nest Bedding company

When it comes to your conventional mattresses, you may need to know that they can contain chemicals and toxins, but it may also have toxins in your bedding and furniture as well. It is quite alarming to know about the chemicals that are unknowingly welcomed into your home. Low quality furniture is often made from pressed wood which can emit VOCs such as xylene, methylene chloride, toluene, benzene, and formaldehyde. Your sheets, comforters, blankets, and pillows may be made from synthetic materials. If they happen to be made with conventionally grown or non-organic cotton, then you need to know that they may have been heavily coated with pesticides and you are supporting the GMO industry because cotton is a big GMO crop. There are some bedding that is even made with flame retardants.

Sleeping on toxins…

If you are like me, then you probably do not want your children to be sleeping on toxins that they can breathe in and get more toxins that are being emitted from their furniture. This is why Nest Bedding is so popular. Nest Bedding company is a company that sells organic, non-toxic, natural mattresses and bedding that serves the San Francisco Bay area. You can also purchase their items online through their website. They actually offer everything that you actually need to make sure that your sleeping safe and sound. Normally when your purchase a mattress, they may also offer a platform bed for the mattress to go on.  If you are in the market to buy something from Nest Bedding, check out my list of Nest coupons.


Most of the items that come from Nest Bedding Company is made from solid, sustainable harvested Asian hardwood. They will not sell pressed wood at all. It also uses non-toxic finishes on the furniture. They have unique packaging that is quite well packed and their  furniture is easy to assemble. They make sure that the directions are easy to follow.

Foundations of the company

Joe Alexander started Nest Bedding in 2012 after starting his mattress career in 1999 as a sales manager at Austin’s Home Furnishings. It was after several years while in Hawaii that he met with the sales manager at C.S. Wo & Sons, and was offered a position as a retail sales associate in the Slumberworld department, where he would be the top sales associate while selling $1.8 million worth of product in a single year. Eventually he would move back to the mainland and work as a general manager at Keetsa, where he would help the box bed specialist to set up a store network before actually going out to create Nest Bedding.

For the first years after launching nest bedding, most of its products came from Johnson City, Tennessee. Eventually Alexander would gather more experience in boxed beds and realized that they were what he wanted to add to his lineup to help more consumers. Today, Nest Bedding offers a range of mattress constructions and prices. Except for just a few of the models, most of the line is actually produced by Brooklyn Bedding, and they are working on transitioning to its partner.