About yogabed

Yogabed is about a few years old and it is one of the latest entries into the industry of consumer direct mattresses which has been rapidly expanding. Even though the online company is quite young, the founders have really positioned the company for longevity and growth. They are completely convinced that that Yogabed and other companies like it will be the catalyst for revolution that will change the whole industry. They are able to offer consumers more choices of when and how to buy beds as well as how to make better purchasing decisions, which will make the buying process much simpler and spur growth.

Where it started

Yogabed started back in 2014 with Tim Oakhill and Chris Marsh, who both have plenty of experience in traditional mattress industry. They decided to do something that was not traditional at the time. They pooled all of their expertise, and sensed an opportunity within the public’s ever changing buying habits, and created a mattress company that would sell its mattresses directly to customers instead of in those huge, expensive stores.

It was not the sales channel that was actually different. The whole product was innovative. The combination of technically advanced materials such as the Yoga Instant Response Foam and the YogaGel within the mattress that is super comfortable as well as very affordable. Just like the namesake of Yogabed, the delivery approach and product had the mattress being delivered in a bag that is compressed inside of a custom fit, completely recyclable box. The Yogabed company does not stick to the conventional practices. For the mattress industry today, they are mainly using customer service that is focused on returns and problems, while Yogabed is all about using customer service to build up relationships.

About the mattress

Yogabed is able to offer their customers a single mattress style in 6 different sizes that range from Twin to California King. The bed was actually inspired by the pressure relieving aspects of doing yoga, and was designed to meet the support and comfort that the research the company has done that shows 85% of sleepers need. Each mattress is constructed using 4 layers of foam. The first layer is made from the Instant Response Foam then there is a 2-inch layer of YogaGel, then a 6-inch foam base and lastly a 1-nch foam support base. Every mattress will come with a removable, machine washable cover as well as pillows. The twin and twin XL sizes come with one pillow.

In order to really show their customers how the bed is constructed, Yogabed uses animation on their website to help illustrate the various response levels of the foams that they use. It also uses a chart that will compare its features with 4 different beds from traditional and online manufacturers.

Warranty and returns

Another great thing is that they offer a 10-year warranty and 101 days in home trial that actually includes no-hassle, free returns. Yogbed also has an accessories program that will include protectors, sheets, replacement covers, and pillows.  They generally have some good coupons which can be found here.

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