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About Helix mattresses discounts and the mattress

Trying to find the perfect mattress is a lot like the dilemma that Goldilocks herself faced when she visited the cabin of the three bears.

You know, a little too firm, a little too soft, and (hopefully) just right!

Sadly though, for most people, finding a mattress “right off-the-shelf” that offers the just right amount of strength, stability, softness, and temperature control is nowhere near as easy as mattress manufacturers make it out to be.

But that’s what makes the Helix mattress so successful!

Designed and developed by engineers that have one mission in life, to produce custom mattresses that offer everyone the ability to enjoy a completely restful and relaxing night of sleep every single night, the Helix mattress is a game changing new solution in a space crowded with competitors that promise the moon and the stars but never really deliver the goods.

Mattress sizes and personalization

Right out of the gate, you have the opportunity to choose the perfect size mattress you are after and then move through a complete personalization process that guarantees you get a totally custom mattress that suits your needs (and the needs of anyone else sleeping on the same mattress) right down to the ground.

After taking a quick little Sleep Quiz (that only last about two or three minutes, max) you will be guided through the innovative new Sleep Science Personalization Process that separates Helix mattresses from the rest of the pack.

You’ll have the ability to individually personalize custom tailor every aspect of your mattress – and we mean EVERY aspect of your mattress (from the way it feels to the materials it’s made out of, the amount of “give” it has, its ability to regulate temperature, and so much more) – all without having to spend a small fortune along the way.  Especially seeing as you can use a Helix discount code to save.

Helix mattress shipping

After you move through the customization process, the folks at Helix mattress will begin to work on your order and you’ll receive the custom mattress completely ready to rock and roll and go down on your bed anywhere between six and 10 business days. Oh, rush shipping to the continental United States also happens to be 100% free of charge!

At the end of the day, since you’re going to spend about a third of your life asleep – and because the amount of time and the quality of the sleep that you get every night is so important to your overall health and wellness across the board – doesn’t it make sense to invest in a quality mattress that you’ll fall in love with every night?  Seeing as you can save $50 with a Helix mattress coupon code, it’s a pretty could deal.

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