How necessary is sleeping?

Many people today believe that sleep is a waste of time and they rather stay up all night or almost all night watching television or chatting with their friends online. In the morning they feel weak and tired, irritated and out of tune and they wonder why. Remember your grandparents, they were always in bed by eight at night and up with the sun with a smile on their face ready to face the day. They were always happy and optimist in the morning because they had given their brain enough time to turn off the circuits and relax during the night. Your brain is a perfect machine, but like any machine it needs maintenance or it will break down. Sleep is when the brain repairs itself and reorders its connections to be ready to serve you well when morning comes.

The brain is and is not a computer at the same time, it can store information and process it in the same way a computer does but it is not a machine, it is part of your body and like your body needs rest.  You can punch a computer for days on end and it will continue to work because it is a mixture of electric circuits and parts that will continue to work as long as they do not overheat, that is the reason why computers have fans in them, to reduce the heat and allow it to continue working. Your brain can overheat too, not physically, because the constant flow of massive amounts of brain to it keep the temperature down but its ability to process and direct the symphony of your body diminishes every minute that you deprive it if rest and relaxation.

When you fall asleep the shutdown process begins, first your muscles and tendons relax and your body goes all floppy, they are extended and are able to take more blood into the tissues so your brain orders the heart to fill them up so they can get rid of all the waste and fill up with life-giving oxygen and nutrients. Then your organs shut down to the minimum, like an idling engine and they also replenish themselves with nutrients and take away the waste and finally your heart and lungs slow down too so that you can stand beside a sleeping person and barely hear them breath. After a last system check your brain changes frequencies and goes into standstill mode replenishing its energies and cleaning and restoring itself.

All these things do not happen if you are awake, when you are awake all your organs and muscles are at work because you move, you consume calories, you breathe normally and you think too. Thinking takes energy, a lot of energy which in turn produces waste which has to be removed and so on and so forth. Sleep is vital for every creature on Earth, especially to us who are thinking animals. A minimum of six hours of sleep is necessary every night for the brain to replenish itself and prepare for the coming day. Every hour you waste awake at night is an hour taken from your brain and body’s rest time, and nobody can turn time back.