My Pillow promo codes, coupons December 2018

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How does the My Pillow work

There are many who suffer from sleep disorders. Some are so acute that they are unable to sleep even for a few minutes at night. Insomnia, or lack of adequate sleep has become a common disorder in many lives, and this can be due to several reasons such as stress, unhealthy habits, depression, tension and so on. In severe conditions, it is best to consult a sleep therapist. Before that, you can even try changing your mattress, pillow or your sleep pattern.  Try changing the pillows and today My Pillow is touted to be one of the best pillows in the market today.


My Pillow works and how

If you look at different pillows in a store, you will find that most of them are made in a standard manner, filled with common cotton or similar foam. Only the names or colors may be different. That is why My Pillow works.

My Pillow works scientifically and favorably

My Pillow has a special curvature that lends a proper fit. The advantage of an exact fit is that it gives a great support for your neck and gives good stability to head and shoulders. Thus, this design of My Pillow offers a comfortable position to your upper body, which is essential for you to get a good sleep position. Once, your body is comfortable, it will soon fall asleep as well, as most of the time; people are unable to sleep because they aren’t getting a good sleeping position.  Check out my article on which pillow is best.

Thus, with My Pillow you are able to get REM sleep sooner and then you are able to get good sleep thereafter. It also has a cooling effect and that is another reason why you will get a good sleep with My Pillow. It has been made completely in USA and none of the parts are made elsewhere. That makes it authentic and one made with thrust on quality.


Another reason My Pillow works is because it is easy to wash unlike any other pillows which may become soggy and useless after washing, but not My Pillow. It can be washed in a machine and can be dried as well. It has a 10-year warranty to it and a money back guarantee of 60 days, that is, if you are not happy with the product, you can return it in 60 days and get your refund.

The patented design has a 3-piece interlocking fill which makes it feel that the pillow is smoothly cradling your head and neck and allowing going into a deep slumber. Many pillows may be good enough at the start of the night but slowly, they may flatten out, making your neck uncomfortable and the result is that you lose your sleep. My pillow remains just the way it is not just through the night but for many nights.


Also, My Pillow comes in different types of fills and also may different types that can be used for different occasions as well. All these do make My Pillow to be yours forever.

My Pillow Price

It’s not a cheap mattress, that’s why it’s important to use the My Pillow coupons above so that you can save some money.


If you’re looking for a new pillow you might also be looking for a new mattress.  A mattress is just as important, if not more important to a good nights sleep than a pillow.  I really like Tuft & Needle.  Check out my Tuft & Needle coupons page for more information.  You might also want to check out my Loom and Leaf coupons page for bargains on a Loom and Leaf mattress.