Tuft and Needle Mattress review

I have owned the Tuft and Needle mattress for over 18 months and believe me I have tested over 45 different mattresses and I won’t lie, it feels like I have slept most of my year away. The one thing that I can really say about the Tuft and Needle is that it will really give you a unique offering and even though there are other types of mattresses out there such as Leesa, Brooklyn Bedding and GhostBed, they just can’t top the Tuft and Needle. Although they advertise that these models are more balanced and tend to use better materials, the one thing that you should do when it comes to selecting a new mattress, be sure to consider all of your options.  If you do decide to buy it, check out my page on Tuft and Needle promo codes.


What do they claim?

The Tuft and Needle is among one of many mattress companies that has really shook up the mattress industry in a really big way. You no longer have to buy a $3,000 mattress when you visit a extravagant show room and no more dealing with the middle man. But the big question about this mattress is that can it really give you a great night’s sleep? Keep reading.



About the mattress

The Tuft and Needle mattress has 2 layers of foam that equals up to 10 inches of cushion. The top layer is made for comfort and it is about 3 inches of polyfoam. It is mean to give you a cooling, supportive and comfortable mattress. The bottom layer is your foundation layer. It is 7 inches of support foam. This piece of foam gives you the support for your mattress and gives the mattress its shape as well.


They’ve had plenty of press






About the mattress cover

The cover is very simple and thin. It is made of a white material. The thin cover helps and was designed to keep the mattress cool, while give you a chance to have better contact with the foam. Having a thin cover is a big contrast from other quilted padded covers, which can get very hot and sticky really quick. When it comes to looks, the cover is pretty basic. There isn’t much to really talk about, except that this design is basically what you see in most mattress stores. The cheaper design allows Tuft and Needle to have lower prices and have just removed all the unneeded items to just down to a basic mattress that is great for sleeping on.


The firmness of the mattress

When it comes to being firm, it ranges about a 6 out of 10. For the last 2 years, Tuft and Needle has begun to decrease the firmness of their mattress. This is will be my 4th mattress that I have tried. The first one was too firm, the second was a bit softer and the third was a 7 out of 10. The most recent mattress that I have gotten from them is the best firmness level for all sleeping types. I tend to be a side sleeper and firmer mattresses just makes my sleep uncomfortable. I won’t lie, the feeling of the foam is something like being a mix of memory foam and latex. There isn’t an instant response, but it isn’t slow to respond either. The contour isn’t a floating one and it surely isn’t pronounced either.

The feeling of the Tuft and Needle is pretty strange, especially for me. There isn’t anything that I can say about it that is negative, but there isn’t anything really that is a positive for it. It more or less fits right in the middle of everything. I am not saying that I don’t like this mattress, but it is a mattress for those who are side sleepers. The foam and design that is used it quite simple, which helps to make sure that the price stays down, but when it comes to how it feels, it does leave a bit to be desired.

I do wish that the mattress foam was a bit more in either direction. If it went more towards the side of latex then it would add plenty of bounce, cooling and response or it could head more towards memory foam where it would give more contouring and pressure relief. When I sit in the middle of this mattress, it does leave me wondering.

This particular Tuft and Needle mattress has always had excellent support. This comes from ensuring that their mattresses have a nice soft yet firm feel to it. When you lower the firmness level, you are taking away support. Firmness doesn’t always mean that it will support you, but for me the firm really helped me and my partner get a good night’s rest. When you give a mattress at a 6 out of a 10 when it comes to the firmness time, then it would give you more softness, but it would also create severe sinking, which helped to give you more softness, which in turn creates a lack of sleeping support whenever I began to sleep on it.


What foam does Tuft & Needle use?

This mattress uses polyfoam comfort layer instead of latex or elastic memory foam which seems to be a big mistake in this mattresses life. For me it seems to be a bit lacking. I do love the fact that the mattress was created to be less expensive then all of the other counterparts, but the truth of the matter is even though it is a great mattress, the cost cutting approach has just resulted in a bed that does not really keep up in the new technologies of today.

The Tuft & Needle mattress conclusion

So, I guess the final thing is to figure out if this mattress would be right for you. The one thing that you are going to find out about the Tuft and Needle mattresses is that even though it is an average mattress, it is still a great mattress. Even though it is lacking in some areas, I was still impressed with it. Of course all companies are going to have challenges that they have to overcome, but this mattress will still remain at the top of my list of great mattresses.

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