Tuft and Needle vs Casper

The Tuft and Needle and Casper mattresses are considered the highest quality factory to home mattress start-ups of the last few years. They are really shaking a lot of things up in a really big way by being a direct to home models. There are no more cluttered show rooms with dozens of rows of beds, no more beds that have remote controls, and the best part no more middle men to deal with or high outrageous prices.



The construction of the luxury mattresses

When it comes to construction the one thing that you will notice about the Casper is that it is actually a hybrid mattress. The first layer is made of a latex foam while the second layer is memory foam. The bottom layer is a support foam base. It is this type of hybrid mattress that is trying to give you the best of both worlds with memory foam and latex foam. Casper only added the foam latex to help the top layer to stay cooler without losing any of the support.


Yet, when it comes to The Tuft and Needle, they went with a fairly interesting approach to their construction of the foam.  To find out more about the construction of the Tuft & Needle mattress check this out:


How do they vary?

Tuft & Needle is more minimalistic. It only has 2 layers and the top layer is made up of a polyurethane foam that is both the support and comfort layer. The base is a support foam as well. The Tuft and Needle mattress foam is also highly developed to give you the best support, comfort as well as to dissipate the heat when you sleep. The one thing that you will notice is that there is very little sinkage when it comes to using these types of mattresses.

Unboxing Tuft & Needle

What about the covers?

When it comes to the mattress toppers, Casper tends to have a stretchy white cover that has a grey bottom layer which gives your new mattress a two tone look. The feeling of the cover is soft and of average thickness. The Tuft and Needle has a similar cover but it is solid white, stretchy, and has a very nice textured feel. It has a decent thickness and it is quite soft as well. When looking from a functionality standpoint, there isn’t any big differences except that The Tuft and Needle’s cover is a lot softer and not as harsh when it comes to the texture. In the end it comes down to which you aesthetically prefer.

The verdict

When it comes down to firmness for all sleeping types, The Tuft and Needle is actually are firm mattresses that is just right to be slept on without the tossing and turning. It is almost like Goldilocks. The Casper tends to be a soft mattress that is not good for all sleeping types while even though they are similar when it comes to firmness, each one is different. The Casper mattress actually makes you sink in deep to the mattress, while The Tuft and Needle supports you without making you feel like you sinking into a squishy ocean of foam.

The best part is the price. When you compare prices between Tuft & Needle to Casper, you are looking anywhere from $300 to $200 difference. The Tuft and Needle is very cost efficient.

All in all, The Tuft and Needle is going to be a better buy especially if you are like me where you change positions constantly at night. Plus, when buying from an online retailer you will receive it on your door step in a box and ready to be used.

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