Tuft and Needle vs Loom and Leaf

The Loom and Leaf and Tuft and Needle are actually two mattress brands that are at different places on the price spectrum, but they use online business to give great value to all of their customers. Since their popularity has really increased, people have begun to wonder just how well they compare to each other. That is where I come in. It is time to get ready for a real showdown of these two high quality foam mattresses.  The other thing to consider is can you get a discount on the mattress by using a coupon code?  Check my coupons for Loom and Leaf and my coupons for Tuft & Needle to see if you can save some money.


  • It’s a similar business model that is available online only.
  • Both are made from all foam.
  • Both are known for their excellent customer feedback.
  • Both have low risk sleep trials and return policies.
  • Both are known for their awesome customer service.


  • Tuft and Needle is made of polyfoam while Loom and Leaf is made of memory foam.
  • Loom and Leaf is a luxury mattress.
  • Loom and Leaf is more expensive.
  • Tuft and Needle has a resilient foam feel while Loom and Leaf has a slow moving memory foam feel.
  • Loom and Leaf has a shipping charge, but it is done with white glove service, while Tuft and Needle is shipped for free in a box.

When it comes to the feel of the Loom and Leaf it is very similar to the Tempur-Pedic mattress. It has two layers of memory foam and because of that it is slow moving. You will only sink down into this mattress just a tad, but overall the mattress is actually very resilient when compared to other mattresses. This mattress uses a very durable foam that will last you for a long time.




When it comes to the Tuft and Needle, the whole mattress is made up of polyfoam. There is three inches of density polyfoam on top of seven inches of polyfoam. Virtually, you sink into the mattress just a bit, but it is a lot firmer than the Loom and Leaf relaxed firm. It is kind of resilient, and it does sleep quite cool and does a great job when it comes to motion transfer.



Overall, The Loom and Leaf mattress has a better luxury feel to the whole thing. They really went above and beyond when it came to the construction of this mattress. The Tuft and Needle however, managed to keep things quite simple to make the price better for those who are on a budget who want a foam mattress.

So when it comes down to picking which mattress is best for you, you need to consider if you like the feel of memory foam, if motion isolation is something that you need, and if you want a luxury experience? If you answered yes to these questions that you need to have the Loom and Leaf. This will certainly help out when it comes to getting a great night’s sleep.

Basically, both mattresses are a good choice. The way that they are made is very different, so your choice will be clear enough. Either way, you can’t go wrong with getting either one of them, plus the return policies are pretty good so you don’t have to worry about a risk with either one of the mattresses.