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Just like Loom and Leaf, Tuft and Needle do not offer coupons because they believe that they offer great value, unlike other companies – https://www.tuftandneedle.com/about/truth.  That’s why they don’t offer coupons.  https://www.tuftandneedle.com is a really famous brand and if you want this mattress you’ll have to pay full price.  There is no Tuft & Needle coupon.  Below I’m going to go over why there are no coupons for them.

About tuft & needle and why there are no Tuft & Needle coupons

It is a new era for mattress shopping. All of the days of going to a mattress show room to lay on dozens of different beds for around 10 minutes each and getting confused with names, types, features, models, warranties, and fillings are now over. There are these things called online start-ups like Tuft and Needle that are taking over the mattress industry and is doing a great job of it.




The fact of the matter is that Tempur-Pedic was the very first company to even introduce mattress buyers to memory foam. Years down the road, they were the only mattress company in the world that was into memory foam mattresses, then other companies started getting into it. But, prices never changed and a decade later you have Tuft and Needle. They have completely changed the memory foam mattress game.

They’ve been featured in the following publications:



The Tuft and Needle happens to be one of the first direct to home mattresses or bed in a box to actually come to the market with the latest wave of online mattress companies.  Check out their story here.  It was them who started the trend. I won’t lie, whenever Tuft and Needle first come out, I was pretty skeptical about purchasing a mattress that I had never tried, online. But once it was shipped to my home and I got it all set-up, and figured out the return policy, I finally came to the conclusion that buying mattresses online isn’t really that big of a risk. These type of mattresses tend to be less expensive than your name brand foam mattresses that you find in major department stores and better quality than the cheap imitation Chinese versions that you get on Amazon.  Now, I am not saying that Tuft and Needle is best for everyone, but it is a pretty good option for the price (even though there are no Tuft & Needle promo codes) and it may be perfect for some people.  Keep reading to learn more about it.


So what is the main appeal for the Tuft and Needle?

People are really intimidated and tired with the mattress buying processes. No one wants to deal with a dishonest and haggling salesman in a showroom, and no one wants to be put in shock with over 80 different beds that they can choose from. It basically comes down to only two fears that most buyers have which are paying more than they have to and purchasing the wrong mattress. Purchasing anything online can really cut out all of the haggling and even limit your choices. So buyers are able to find a mattress that is online that is actually inexpensive and has great reviews. The appeal for Tuft and Needle is really clear.


When it comes down to construction of the Tuft and Needle mattress, it is a 10-inch foam mattress that is made from polyurethane foam in America. There are no coils, latex foam, or memory foam. The first 3 inches is made of a pressure relieving foam that they call the triple layer blend foam. Although it isn’t considered memory or latex foam, it does have some of the properties of them. It feels like memory foam, but it has a bit of bounce like latex foam. Beneath that is about 7 inches of a high density support foam that many foam mattresses are equipped with. The topper or ticking is made of a polyester and rayon blend. Yes, this bed is made of simple, straightforward materials and it has no frills which makes it a lot cheaper to purchase than other mattresses and is another reason why you won’t find any Tuft & Needle discount codes.

What about choice?

The one thing that most people get irritated about shopping happens to be too many choices. There are a lot of choices, and you get analysis paralysis. When it comes to Tuft and Needle, you only get to choose one mattress. There aren’t varying levels of firmness, no sheets, no pillows, or other types of accessories. So what is so great about just one choice?  Well, the truth is it allows Tuft and Needle to really focus on making one really great product instead of multiple okay ones. Plus, if you don’t like the mattress there is a 30 day no hassle return. Not to mention the return process is super easy. Just take it to your local charity and donate it, then send in your donation receipt as proof in order to get a full refund. So, you don’t even need to ship it back to the company, which ensures that you are getting a new mattress every time that you order.



When you go to order, the order page is just one page and you enter your address, credit card information. Then after the order is placed, you will get a confirmation and all of your tracking information. The best part is that it is that it is shipped through FedEx. Once you hit that order button, it takes about a week to receive your mattress. Since, Tuft and Needle is in Phoenix, Arizona if you live in that area, you can make an appointment to see their show room and try out their mattress.


When it comes to getting the mattress in your home, it’s quite easy. You just drag the box inside and unbox it like shown in this video:


I purchased the full sized mattress to try out and it fits perfectly on my bed. Unpacking was just as easy, considering that I just open the box, cut the plastic off, and put it on the bed. It then, almost instantly it inflates itself. In the box the mattress weighs around 50 pounds, so it’s not really that heavy and there isn’t a lot of packaging left once you have it open.


Tuft and Needle have great reviews on Amazon and it is almost a 5-star review and it has well over 2300 different reviews. The people that have this particular mattress seem to be really happy with what they bought. It comes with a free trial so yes it is a low risk purchase. Even if you purchase it on Amazon, you will still get the free trial. Overall this is a great memory foam mattress.  You can also buy it direct here.

So after having read all that I hope that you can see why there are no Tuft & Needle coupon codes.

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